ok, so now I know a little bit about inflatables...
"is it possible to make a tent of plastic film instead of fabric?" could they be produced on a roll? nowadays all tents are still made by hand and made from a single type of material?
select one bendable structures a first tent composition inflatable origami I started making models
how to make a full size and serially producable tent from this? I went to a Taiwanese packaging factory to produce a few test models only in black though... but with some help from NCKU students most importantly, I learned about the production process so I built a curvature sealer
transformed a digital cutter into a digital sealer and started prototyping
making an inflatable tent Joshua Klappe
and a 'self-bending' sealing pattern design of a valve system production in Taiwan picking colours produced ground sheets on roll and finally, the flysheets launching the 'tucky' at 5 major festivals publications (click for link) ready for recycling in use
figured out a closing mechanism
finalized the design
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